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Company Statement – Corona Virus / COVID-19

At The Plantman Limited we acknowledge the importance of our role as employers and planting service providers in taking sensible action to reduce the risk of the transmission of this virus that could occur due to our work activities. This includes how we work, how we get to work, and being socially responsible at all times. The safety and wellbeing of our team and our customers is of paramount importance.

Our team are provided with up to date information and guidance on hygiene and social distancing based on current government and industry advice from the NHS, website and Construction Leadership Council. We meet weekly to review and communicate the constantly changing guidance and site-specific hygiene and social distancing issues and procedures at our various client sites.

Our showroom is cleaned regularly and thoroughly and 2m social distancing measures are maintained at all times, with only four persons allowed access at any one time, including employees, clients and customers. Hand washing, paper towels and hand sanitiser facilities are provided on site.

In line with official guidance our team are required to:

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