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The PlantMan & Co is proud to be one of London’s leading ivy screen installers. Offering instant greening, additional privacy and pollution control the evergreen foliage immediately enhances school perimeters, temporary building sites or help prevent graffiti. Available in sizes up to 3m in height and in 9 different plant varieties (Incl. Hedera/Euonymus/Pyracantha/Carpins) we offer a range of in ground solutions or bespoke planters to offer year-round greenery to urban areas, reduce fine dust particles and lower air pollution. Our automatic irrigation systems and ongoing maintenance plans guarantee a flying start to your project and help to make healthy plants for a healthier city

Ivy Sceens outside school in Twickenham
Moss Wall inside an office


The perfect way to bring biophilic-rich greenery to low-light interior spaces. Fitted vertically on walls or even onto the ceiling there are a variety of moss colours and textures to create bespoke designs with company logos and architectural details integrated as required. They can be supplied as framed artworks to hang on the wall or cover entire walls and other internal structures. Preserved with fire-proof retardant, moss walls help moderate humidity, dust and sound levels within indoor spaces. With no requirement for water, light or soil, moss walls introduce a unique low maintenance botanic artwork into your office, hotel or restaurant.



We love real plants, but sometimes a difficult low-light location or for a client looking for a low maintenance plantscape then our artificial plant portfolio offers the perfect solution. With a selection of ultra-realistic specimen trees, flowers and wall coverings they are UV and fire-rated for indoor and outdoor applications. Mixed with a selection of living plants it is often impossible to distinguish the real from the fake and produces long lasting low maintenance results with no watering, weeding or pruning required. Our indoor specimen trees are perfect for leisure and retail settings where regular watering and leaf drop is not an option (swimming pools & restaurants), with our signature trees found in some of London’s finest dining locations.

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