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Highly Zoomed in Cacti
  • Do you only work in London?
    Whilst based in London, with the majority of our clients located within the M25 we do work further afield on request. From a UK-wide retail brand rollout to sourcing specimen trees for projects in Italy & Poland we are happy to hear from partners across Europe.
  • Do you charge for site visits?
    No. There’s no charge for an initial site visit. We usually start with a chat on the phone and if you can send the project specification and images where available then that helps get the ball rolling.
  • Do you hire plants?
    Yes. It’s not the bulk or our work, but there are pop-ups and events that often require a short term hire and our flexible contracting allows us to tailor the service to your exact requirements.
  • What is “biophilia”?
    An innate deep-rooted and evolutionary desire to connect with all natural life. A scientific principle that underpins the positive impact on our physical and mental wellbeing from being surrounded by plants.
  • Can you provide cut floral displays to my office?
    Yes. We have an award-winning floral designer who can design and supply regular fresh flowers or create one-off displays for events and other occasions. If you would like the display to last a little longer then consider our table-top displays, seasonal bowls and long-life orchids.
  • Can I buy houseplants directly from you?
    Yes. You can visit our London studio by appointment where we have a wide selection of specimen plants and pots. Alternatively please send us your requirement and we can source the plants accordingly in almost any size.
  • Can you maintain my domestic garden?
    We do maintain high-end residential apartments and roof terraces often with a mix of interior & exterior plants. However, for more conventional residential gardens involving lawn and hedge maintenance we are happy to refer you to one of our established partners.
  • Do you have a minimum contract for regular aftercare?
    Our service contracts start from sixty pounds plus VAT, with maintenance visits available on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis.
  • Are ivy screens poisonous for children?
    Poison ivy only grows in North America, so you’re incredibly unlikely to come into contact with it in the UK. The ivy varietal used on our pre-grown screens (Hedera helix & var. hibernica) is safe to handle, only creating mild irritation on contact in very rare circumstances. Ingestion is not recommended under any situation like the majority of plants.
  • Is it ever too early to talk about Christmas?
    Never too early! We start planning our Christmas displays around one calendar year in advance. The sooner we start discussing themes, colours and budget the more time we have to create something truly special for you. Delivery slots are in high demand over the the Christmas period, so it’s best to get a date in the diary as soon as practical.
  • How big can I have my Christmas tree?
    We have installed Christmas trees up to 27m at Bluewater, at the time the largest commercial tree installation in the UK.
  • Do you source your plants from the UK?
    We love to support UK nurseries wherever possible, but also often import larger specimens from our colleagues on the continent.
  • Do you provide green screens for schools?
    Yes. We work across the capital installing and maintaining a variety of green screens. Working in tandem with local boroughs we have been chosen to help fight pollution and create green educational spaces.
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