With a little creativity it’s possible to turn any roof terrace, balcony or courtyard into the perfect place to relax and provide a green refuge in the heart of the city. 


Using a portfolio of lightweight planters and specimen plants we can add privacy to overlooked spaces, shelter from the wind, bring wildlife buzzing onto your rooftops or simply frame the view. 


The exposed nature of rooftops means irrigation is recommended, or our experience in installing arid and drought-tolerant planting helps to keep maintenance to a minimum.

Albion riverside intstallation by the Plantman London


Commercial & residential building developments often require enhanced greening at street level. This could be utilitarian planting of a business park, or creating green corridors of nectar rich flowers and biodiverse urban woodland through the heart of the city.  


Our installation of mature plantscapes gives the development immediate impact perfect for the new occupants and prospective tenants. The provision of functional green spaces, helps aid wellbeing in city environments and help support premium rental values from day one.


Plant-rich environments help enhance the visitor experience to any hotel, leisure or retail venue. They soften the built-environment, reduce acoustic levels and add depth to any design theme. We can provide wraparound themed luxurious plant schemes for fine dining restaurants, install specimen topiary for grand entrances or offer a harder wearing selection for pubs and screened smoking areas. 


An invigorating biophilic design can boost a brand, help increase the frequency and duration of client visits with associated increases in average spend.